Monday, 13 February 2012



 First of all a big welcome to my follower and the visitors of this blog.Now I am posting a very first creation in knitting.

 My mother is a exteme active person who always wants to keep herself busy to create something new in knitting. She learnt different artistic things in knitting and also created lot of herself.                                                                                                            
 what is amazing about her is that she is still very creative. 

   She is good at Crochet, Matty, Bead work,cooking, knitting and so by her inspiration I tried my hand in knitting and created one sweater for my niece.

   I’am really touched by your opinions of what I CREATED. So please leave a comment

A close up of the decoration done. This flower i made just by making a two inch knit and purl stitch stip and use the ribbon flower technique.
And use some beads and stones to decor.

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  1. It is very good for a starter..i never thought a starter can create so..:)