Wednesday, 15 February 2012

TIE AND DYE-samples

Hi There! Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy looking at my creations and  gain a little inspiration from them.

Today i am posting some tying samples of tie and dye for all you tie-dye lovers.
Tie-dye is a resist-dyeing process which consist of knotting, Binding, Folding, or Sewing certain part of cloth in such a way that when it is dyed the dye cannot penetrate into these areas which are resisted.

the earliest records from India and Japan, date back to the sixth and seventeenthe centuries A.D..Chinese tie and die silks of this period were found in the burial grounds at astana and at khotan in sinkong east Turkistan.

In India it was known as bandhni .Whearas in Japan the spot technique of shi bori is used.
Lets try some :

                                                            STRIPING WITH KNOTS
                                                             TRIANGULAR TYING
                                                        TYING WITH CHANA DAL
                                                       TWISTING AND COILING
                                                                          CORNER TYING
                                                              CENTRE BINDING
                                                   [TRITIK] RUNNING STITCH TYING
                                                          KNOTS WITH RAI
                                                                 COIN TYING
                                                                 CLUMP TYING
                                                               SIMPLE STRIPS
                                                               SPIRAL FORM DESIGN
                                                          STRIPS BINDING 2
                                                                SPIRAL BINDING2
                                                                             SPIRAL   3
                                                              FOLDED SQUARE
                                                       STRIPING VERTICALLY
                                                           SPIRAL FREE KNOTTING
             I hope all this stuff really inspire you to create something new.HAPPY BLOGGING


  1. this is very cool. keep them coming.

  2. Very interesting indeed.
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  4. Beautiful..Where can we buy dyeing colors from?