Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hope you enjoy looking at my crafts and gaining a little bit of them.  I am new to blogging so please don’t mind  of any delays.

 Recently I finish off some  soft toys for my son .He love to play with what I make for him. So I work on some of my draftings.

Check out my soft toys patterns . If you need the draft of any toy just get back to my link  I will surely sent to you through e-mail. I don’t  mind if u try any of them.

                                                                  A PAIR OF DOLLS

                                                               SMILING TEDDY

                                                      PAIR  OF SMALL TEDDIES


                                                         KANGAROO WITH BABY

                                                            KING OF FOREST-LION

                                                If you need the draft of any toy just get back to my link  I will surely sent to you through e-mail. I don’t  mind if u try any of them. THANX FOR VISITING MY BLOG.


  1. hi,

    i too love making soft toys,your toys are cute,can you please mail to svhmadhuti@gmail.com,the pattrens for doll,teddy and lion.will be waiting for your mail

  2. they are all so very cute:)

  3. wow great i have read many articles about this topic and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work! teddy bears for babies

  4. wow ,i too love making soft toys , your toys are so cute. please can you mail patterns of lion, parrot and dolls and smiling teddy.
    i love to have cartoon charectors if you have any of those please mail me to

  5. Hi! Congratulations! All of them are so lovely! I like so much the PARROT and the KING OF FOREST-LION. Can you share them with me, please? (anavii.cerqueira21@gmail.com) Thanks!

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